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Multisite Plugin Manager

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Plugin Access
You can select what plugins blogs have access to.

Auto Activate Plugins
You can choose plugins to Auto-Activate for all new blogs.

Mass Actions
You can mass activate or deactivate any plugin on all sites in your WordPress network.


Multisite Plugin Manager is a great free plugin available in the plugin repository. It allows WordPress Multisite Network Administrators to specifically determine which plugins will be available for the blogs on their network to activate and use and which plugins you’d prefer to hide.

The plugin itself doesn’t really have any settings to configure other than checking a few boxes of which plugins you want available or not. However, Multisite Plugin Manager does allow Network Admin’s the option to mass activate or even mass deactivate specific plugins. That can come in really handy and has for me countless times.

I’d strongly recommend the Multisite Plugin Manager for your WordPress Multisite if you are looking to have more control over your plugins, and in most cases, it’s really needed.

Avg Score: 96%
Jason Jersey

Reviewed by Jason Jersey

Full stack developer, small-cap technology investor, and internet marketer.
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