Review: NinjaFirewall (WP Edition)

NinjaFirewall (WP Edition)

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A true Web Application Firewall
NinjaFirewall, is a true web application firewall to protect and secure your WordPress websites.

Fast and most efficient brute-force protection
By processing incoming HTTP requests before your blog and any of its plugins, NinjaFirewall is the only plugin for WordPress able to protect it against very large brute-force attacks, including distributed attacks coming from several thousands of different IPs.

Multi-site support
NinjaFirewall is multi-site compatible. It will protect all sites from your network and its configuration interface will be accessible only to the Super Admin from the network main site.

Protects against the latest security vulnerabilities
NinjaFirewall automatically updates its security rules daily. Each time a new vulnerability is found in WordPress or one of its plugins/themes, a new set of security rules will be made available to protect your blog immediately.

Non-Intrusive User Interface
NinjaFirewall looks and feels like a built-in WordPress feature. It does not contain intrusive banners, warnings or flashy colors.


NinjaFirewall is a great free service. I am not even sure where to begin, but NinjaFirewall has saved me hundreds of hours in fighting off botnets and spammers from attacking my WordPress Multisite network. For a long time it was up in the air how I was going to defend against and stop these botnets. It came to a point where downtime was a everyday thing. And since I was using the WPMU Dev Domain Mapping plugin, a traditional DDOS protection service, such as CloudFlare wasn’t even a possibility. But NinjaFirewall really saved the day. It has dramatically decreased my server load, has been fending off the botnets, and has made my overall WordPress Multisite network a lot more stable and usable. Without NinjaFirewall, my lifeblood stood on the line, and there really wasn’t any feasible option on the market that would provide the type of protection that NinjaFirewall can handle, out of the box. Kudos!

Avg Score: 92%
Breck Stein

Reviewed by Breck Stein

Owner of a prominent weekly newsletter, and social media marketer.
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