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Page Builder by SiteOrigin

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Works with all themes
Page Builder was designed to work with all WordPress themes.

No coding required
Page Builder makes it possible to bypass coding and use a simple drag and drop interface to build out you page or post layouts.

Live editing
Page Builder gives you the ability to build your layouts in real-time, and see all changes as you make them.

History browser
Page Builder gives you the ability to save design layout revisions. That's a really great feature to have, especially when you make a mistake and need to rollback to the last design you previously had.


Page Builder by SiteOrigin is a great plugin to help you build responsive page layouts using widgets from a drag and drop interface.

Although, from my experience of dealing with other WordPress administrators and my own personal experiences, there is definitely a little bit of a learning curve that comes along with this plugin.

However, once you get familiar with the plugin, Page Builder is a great plugin and in most cases, on my first batch list of plugins I activate on all my new WordPress websites. You can really craft up some pretty cool layouts with it in a snap that look great on desktop and mobile devices.

Based on the learning curve associated with new use of Page Builder, I had to score this plugin a little low on the UX/Usability and UI/Design side of things. But, once you get past the first initial learning curve, you’ll be glad you did stick it out and learned how to operate the plugin. Page Builder is a keeper!

Avg Score: 89%
Breck Stein

Reviewed by Breck Stein

Owner of a prominent weekly newsletter, and social media marketer.
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