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Send Unlimited Push Notifications to Web and Mobile Devices
You can send notifications to your users mobile phone or even their laptop or desktop computer, for free!

Supports all major desktop and mobile browsers
This thing actually works for almost everything, well, except Firefox at the time being, but their working on it.

Unlimited Subscribers Allowed
Yes, there is no subscribers limits like some of those other services out there, such as WebEngage. Pushify is awesome and totally free!

They've Got a WordPress Plugin and Joomla is Coming Soon!
Honestly, setup without the plugin takes like 30 seconds if you want to modify your template or theme. But if you're anything like me, you don't want to play coder and rather use the plugin. Yep, and the plugin is free too!

Triple Your Blog Post Reads for Free!
Its amazing how many more people are reading my blog posts now as compared to before. You won't regret it!


This is an amazing service that allows you to send mobile and desktop push notifications to your website visitors. Pushify offers a WordPress plugin also, so that makes setup really easy. What I personally love about Pushify is they offer EVERYTHING unlimited and FREE! You can’t beat that kind of a deal and if you’re looking for more power and control of your brand, they also have an Enterprise edition for you.

Avg Score: 96%
Breck Stein

Reviewed by Breck Stein

Owner of a prominent weekly newsletter, and social media marketer.
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