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Revolution WordPress Admin Theme

Score Ranked 460 out of 500 possible points.
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UX / Usability
UI / Design
Browser Compatibility
Product Support
Product Pricing


Quick panel
Outstanding quick panel, use your own widgets.

Unlimited colors and fonts.

Modify the background and change darkness level.

Default colors
Use with your other WordPress profile colors.

Customize login page
Change login logo and background, free background included.


The Revolution WordPress Admin Theme plugin is a really nice somewhat light weight plugin, but does alot for the money. It allows you to modify the look and feel of your WordPress admin backend. This is really awesome when you are building custom websites for clients and you want to give the site a more professional look, something to match the company.

Revolution WordPress Admin Theme was actually the single plugin that inspired me to create other WordPress admin theme plugins myself and software as a service (SaaS) projects built on WordPress. I really have a lot of gratitude for the Revolution WordPress Admin Theme plugin and strongly recommend it.

Avg Score: 92%
Breck Stein

Reviewed by Breck Stein

Owner of a prominent weekly newsletter, and social media marketer.
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