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Browser Compatibility
Wide browser compatibility. SuperMagPro is Compatible with Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Opera.

Responsive Theme
The SuperMagPro theme for WordPress is compatible with all types of devices. The theme works out-of-the-box on all devices.

Advertisement Ready
You can add advertisement in many sections using the theme options and advertisement widget provided within the SuperMagPro theme.

Full Layout Control
The SuperMagPro theme offers a wide variety of layout options, from boxed-full layout, sidebar options with left, right, both, no sidebar, also feature image display options in blog and archive pages. You have the control to design your blog layout as you require. There are tons of options available for managing this and all sections.

Mega Menu Ready
With the SuperMagPro theme, you may easily make your menu a mega menu with no additional plugins required. The mega menu option is exciting, because you can really transform your menu's into a modern clean look and engage users a lot easier.


Over the last two months, we’ve have a lot of time to thoroughly go through and test the SuperMagPro theme by Acme Themes. I’m sure you have noticed, but this is the same exact theme we use right here at WP Qore. We actually created our own child theme based on the SuperMagPro theme for WordPress.

Initially, when we first started using this theme, we had a couple questions regarding the creation of a child theme. The support at Acme Themes was extremely polite, helpful and went above and beyond the standard call-of-duty. They didn’t leave us in the dark waiting for a response for days out of time, such as what we’ve seen previously with other theme development companies. Their proper use of the English language was also refreshing (better than my writing), but was just another highlight of the excellent customer service they’re committed to provide.

Technologically, the very first thing that got us excited was Acme Themes use of the WordPress Customizer. It’s all so common that theme developers ignore the customizer entirely and create their own theme options panels. I literally hate those! WordPress updates come rolling around, and often at times those themes that utilized their own options panels break or just flat out aren’t very developer friendly in regards to expansion and developing around. The SuperMagPro theme follows the WordPress Codex right down to last line of code, making their theme a home-run for us, as we feel we are seasoned developers, but just don’t have the time to learn our way around someone’s confusing options panel, but we know our way around the WordPress Codex. That alone saved us a tremendous amount of time with our customizations and launch of WP Qore.

From a beginners standpoint, I really don’t feel it would very difficult to setup. Acmethemes did a great job with their setup instructions and documentation. Access to the forum is definitely a plus. The themes customizer is pretty self explainatory. It’s pretty intuitive.

Another tech aspect that has us excited is that the SuperMagPro theme is compatible with the latest PHP version. At the moment this review is being written, we’re currently using PHP 7.0.6 flawlessly. That was really important to us. I get it, PHP 5.5 is great, but once you start using PHP 7, you wont look back, as performance and speed is¬†noticeably increased.

The theme has a ton of layout options, widgets, fonts and all the goodness you’ll love and expect from a premium WordPress theme.

There are literally two dozen more reason’s why we LOVE the SuperMagPro theme for WordPress, I can probably write a 10 page review on it. Oh, and in case you are wondering, NO, we did not take any kick back’s whatsoever or receive any commissions from Acme Themes to publish this review, so everything you’ve read here, is based on actual usage of the theme and our true experiences. We’re now fans!

I just want to note before I end this review, the reason I only scored the price of the theme 90% is because we felt the cost was a little high, but after using the theme we understand entirely why the theme is over $50, we just feel it may be a little harder for someone to commit to buying the theme for that price unless they fully understand how Awesome it really is. But overall, I believe this may be the highest ranked product reviewed here at WP Qore so far.

Kudos to the guys over at Acme Themes. Keep up the great work!

Avg Score: 97%
Jason Jersey

Reviewed by Jason Jersey

Full stack developer, small-cap technology investor, and internet marketer.
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