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Conversion-Boosting Buttons & Calls to Action
Easily add large, attention-grabbing buttons and calls to action to any post or page. Customize the size, color, style, link and many other aspects of each button. With the Content Reveal element you can define a custom amount of time that needs to expire before your purchase buttons or other elements are revealed.

Add Social Proof With the Testimonial Element
Testimonials are one of the most powerful persuasion elements you can add to a page. With Thrive Content Builder, you can create beautiful testimonials in seconds! The easiest way to add Click-to-Tweet boxes to your content and entice your visitors to share your content and send you more social traffic.

Create Beautiful Custom Post & Content Grids
Create a beautiful gallery of your latest blog posts, to add to your homepage. Or, customize the gallery to show posts of a specific category, date range and more.

Create Attention-Grabbing Content Boxes
Highlight important parts of your content with a (fully customizable) content box. Great for feature lists, review summaries and text highlights.

Build Your List with the Lead Generation Element
Easily add fully customizable opt-in forms anywhere in your content. Supports multiple fields, check boxes, drop down menus and more!


You’ve probably read the plugin highlights by now or you’ve heard about Thrive. Let me first start by briefly explaining what Thrive Content Builder is. Thrive Content Builder, also know as Thrive Visual Editor is a plugin for WordPress that is suppose to make creating drag and drop pages easy. It also has the ability to create marketing landing pages. Now with that out of the way… let me explain my experience with Thrive.

When I started using Thrive Content Builder, everything went okay. But when I moved to my new hosting provider  I now required support assistance. I was having a problem activating their plugin’s license on the new host, but same domain name. I was getting an error that the plugin was registered to another site. Their support wasn’t the quickest, but did respond a few hours later and reissued my license.

All went well for another week. Then I went to go use the Thrive Content Builder and I was unable to get the editor to load. The ajax loader would just keep spinning. I went back to their support, but this time they weren’t very helpful and took well over 24 hours for a response, yep, that was during the week too (No weekend excuses here!).

I ended up deactivating all my plugins (well, after first making a backup of my database). That didn’t solve it. Then I tried to use the default WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme. Sure enough, it now worked! After further testing, and trying 20 of the most common themes, I’ve come to discover that the Thrive Content Builder also injects their version of jQuery into the frontend of the website – assuming so the visual editor would work in all situations, but that causes a conflict on many themes (probably most premium themes) as most theme’s include jQuery.

I feel, after all the trouble testing and diagnosing the problem, that there has to be more people running into this same exact issue (and I’m sure it’s driving them nuts too). I also feel, if Thrive is going to now inject jQuery into my frontend, they should be running a check on the theme at plugin activation and disabling their jQuery inclusion if the theme already has jQuery within it, as I’m sure just a few lines of PHP could of prevented that to begin with. Thus, cost them money to support me and was a waste of everyone’s time. And finally, I feel their support is far from world class, or any good. Their responses were short, vague excerpts , and took more than a reasonable amount of time to respond.

The user interface isn’t very bad. I actually find it somewhat easy to use. But it is still a work in progress and if you aren’t technology inclined, DON’T BUY IT! I warned you. I’d say the only reason I would review them negatively in regards to UX / Usability and also UI / Design would be entirely on the sole fact that Thrive can easily break your website if your theme was made with jQuery. And their support, well, I am rating them low for all the reasons I mentioned above, as 24+ hours is never acceptable of a wait time for a premium item or service.

Avg Score: 70%
Breck Stein

Reviewed by Breck Stein

Owner of a prominent weekly newsletter, and social media marketer.
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