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Widget Importer & Exporter

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Importing is a matter of uploading an export file created by the plugin.

Creates an export file out of currently active widgets. This file can be imported into other sites using this plugin or used to restore widgets to the same site later on.


Widget Importer & Exporter is on my “must have” plugins list. It’s really simple to use and is extremely reliable. Basically, what Widget Importer & Exporter does is that it allows WordPress administrators to save a backup of their widget data in the form of a JSON export file. They can then use that file to restore their widget settings or migrate those settings to another blog entirely. There really isn’t anything else like this plugin and there has been plenty of times when this plugin could have been really handy, but I wasn’t aware of it. Now that I’ve used it probably 100’s of times, I feel safe and certain that you’ll also enjoy it and that it will probably end up on your must have plugins list too.

Avg Score: 90%
Jason Jersey

Reviewed by Jason Jersey

Full stack developer, small-cap technology investor, and internet marketer.
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