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WP Link Preview

Score Ranked 405 out of 500 possible points.
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Preview width
Supports option to change width of preview image.

Preview tooltip
One can change the preview tooltip theme. There are 3 themes to choose from. Developers can also easily edit the css to modify the themes.

Plugin supports 5 animation effects to load the tooltip.They are fade, grow, swing, slide and fall

The images are preloaded before activating the tooltip. This ensures correct positioning of preview image when visitors hover over the link.


I really like this plugin alot. Although they haven’t updated it in awhile now, I am not sure if they are just too busy on their other projects, or this plugis hasn’t broken yet. Either way, I am still a tad disappointed they pretty much gave up on supporting the plugin. But again, the plugin still works, and for what it was intended to do, I guess there really isn’t any updates you’d need for it yet.

Avg Score: 81%
Breck Stein

Reviewed by Breck Stein

Owner of a prominent weekly newsletter, and social media marketer.
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