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Rollback Plugins and Themes
Enables WordPress administrators to be able to rollback or forward any of their themes and plugins that are hosted publicly on the WordPress repository.


Updating themes and plugins is important. But sometimes there is a reason to rollback to an older plugin or theme version, possibly a failed update, or a problem with a new version. WP Rollback makes that a possibility. I’ve personally have had issues here and there after updating certain plugins or themes. So with WP Rollback on my side, I feel a little more certain that if a issue would to ever arise from an update to a theme or plugin, I can safely rollback to a previous version in a breeze. With that being said, I have WP Rollback on my list of plugins that I install on all my personal and business WordPress websites. It’s a no brainer too me!

Avg Score: 93%
Jason Jersey

Reviewed by Jason Jersey

Full stack developer, small-cap technology investor, and internet marketer.
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